What have I done

By Roland E. Williams My heart can bear no more It is a dying heart It is falling apart Cell for microscopic cell Hurt for lasting hurt Pain for unbearable pain Tear for heartfelt tear What have I done How can I forget this How can I forgive this When have you last seen theirContinue reading “What have I done”


  By Roland E. Williams   Come Let us lay together On this bed we made for each other Come let us cherish the last drop Of this love we might soon stop   Come Let us command our minds To drain our passion And sizzle our desires And still our burning loins And sootheContinue reading “Come”


  By Roland E. Williams   The heavy burden you now carry is also mine Because the love you carry within your heart is mine The luster I know you bare will lead you on The truth you hold in your heart is pure and strong The love you love and the pain you feelContinue reading “FOR A FRIEND IN NEED”


  By Roland E. Williams   A love lost is a love wasted, but at least you had that Maybe it was just not meant to continue on Can this not be for the best? CAN this be for the best? A love lost, a love not yet in full bloom, must be a wastedContinue reading “A WASTED LOVE”


  By Roland E. Williams   With my mouth dry, my throat hoarse And I’ve said all known words of love Yet my heart wishes to invent more words to say With no tears left to shed and my soul coarse And I’ve done all the things you do for love My mind is embitteredContinue reading “NOTHING LEFT”


  By Roland E. Williams   The beggar who is a king The stranger who is a friend The hurt which is a joy The sorrow which is happiness The joy that is a heartache The happiness shed with tears The friend who is estranged The king who is a pauper The man who isContinue reading “THE LOVE THAT DOES ALL THIS”


  By Roland E. Williams   I am now, like you, a traveler through timeless bliss I am accompanied by your imitation love Because of you You have made me yours I have wandered into the shadows of unglory I have trespassed the boundaries of fidelity Because of you I have made you mine  


  By Roland E. Williams   You live with my peculiarities, But do you like me? You still cling to me with ease, But do you need me? You take care of my daily needs, But do you care for me? You enjoy our nightly deeds, But do you want me? You still shake myContinue reading “BUT DO YOU LOVE ME?”


  By Roland E. Williams   One tender kiss might change my life One “I do” and you are my wife Two loving arms to embrace me Two hearts merged for eternity One tear shed in silent sadness Many more from utter gladness Two eyes adoring you so much Yet all of you for meContinue reading “COUNT ON ME”