Payday for Instagram Users

If you’ve spent any time obsessing about photos of your life, business, wardrobe, pet, or the last cupcake you ate, on Instagram, you understand that rush of excitement that comes when “Likes” pop up on your feed. Not only is it downright thrilling, but you can now cash in with Quantum Sponsor.Imagine getting paid justContinue reading “Payday for Instagram Users”


  By Roland E. Williams   A love lost is a love wasted, but at least you had that Maybe it was just not meant to continue on Can this not be for the best? CAN this be for the best? A love lost, a love not yet in full bloom, must be a wastedContinue reading “A WASTED LOVE”


  By Roland E. Williams   Have you been to where I lost my mind? I left it wrapped up in a ball of twine I put it down and turned around Now it’s nowhere to be found! It’s awkward living like this I beg you pretty, pretty please To put my poor mind atContinue reading “LOST MY MIND”


By Faye-Chantelle Mondesir When October comes around, it’s time to head to beautiful SAINT LUCIA for one of the most culturally-rich festivals in the world! The highly anticipated annual Jounen Kwéyòl (Creole Day) festival is routinely celebrated on the stunning, topographical Caribbean island on the last Sunday of the month across island. Saint Lucia sitsContinue reading “BON JOUNEN KWEYOL 2018 ST LUCIE!”


  By Roland E. Williams   At four, or a little after Silently to the shore Boat straining young bodies Today not everyone is present No one minds No one must care This time of day silences sounds All are being quiet as they begin Tongues too heavy to move Now still far to goContinue reading “A DAY’S CATCH”


  By Roland E. Williams   Has there been a sunrise without a thought of you? A heartbeat for you that was ever untrue? An intake of air that has not left me glowing? The warmth of your love so overflowing My mind as contented as a calm sea. Embraced by your arms tight aroundContinue reading “WHAT MORE CAN WE ASK FOR?”

FAMILIAR (Short Story)

  By Roland E. Williams   The names of the streets in that part of the old colonial city were dates. Days in numbers and the months written in full in Spanish but long names abridged. The name of the street of his hotel had not been shortened. The date of this street was hisContinue reading “FAMILIAR (Short Story)”

MANU FRANCOIS, The Amazing Musical Crafter!

By Faye-Chantelle Mondesir   In the SpotLyght Feature Magazine rolls out our ‘Centre Stage Red Carpet’ for Manu Francois. Son of highly accomplished musician Ras Bonté and mother Kam Hamilton, he was birthed on the exotic island of Saint Lucia, but has been resident in New Zealand for the past 20 years.   He highlightedContinue reading “MANU FRANCOIS, The Amazing Musical Crafter!”