Birth of a dream

By Roland E. Williams You stand before me, perfectly calm Your eyes interlocked with mine The gentlest smile embraces your lips As I sit in awesome adoration Your body completes my happiness After hearing your beatific voice And witnessing your suave elegance Followed by the touch of your skin As breathless an appearance you areContinue reading “Birth of a dream”

A Story That Never Ends

By Roland E. Williams The shyness of your laughter The tenderness of your words The contents of your heart The fullness of your voice The freshness of your thoughts The sincerity of your advice The eternity of your friendship The boundlessness of your truth The completeness of your honesty The whisper of your friendliness TheContinue reading “A Story That Never Ends”


  By Roland E. Williams   Come Let us lay together On this bed we made for each other Come let us cherish the last drop Of this love we might soon stop   Come Let us command our minds To drain our passion And sizzle our desires And still our burning loins And sootheContinue reading “Come”


  By Roland E. Williams   We should cherish the moments we spend together How much we do depends on one another How often we do depends on each other We should spend more moments to cherish together How many we do depends on one another How sweet they are depends on each other WeContinue reading “THE MOMENTS WE CHERISH”


  By Roland E. Williams   A love lost is a love wasted, but at least you had that Maybe it was just not meant to continue on Can this not be for the best? CAN this be for the best? A love lost, a love not yet in full bloom, must be a wastedContinue reading “A WASTED LOVE”


  By Roland E. Williams   You live with my peculiarities, But do you like me? You still cling to me with ease, But do you need me? You take care of my daily needs, But do you care for me? You enjoy our nightly deeds, But do you want me? You still shake myContinue reading “BUT DO YOU LOVE ME?”