How To Tune A Guitar – Ultimate Guide

By Reim Ossailly Let’s face it: Playing with a guitar that is not properly tuned will sound like a wailing donkey (no offense to your guitar). We don’t have to keep the truth hidden any longer. If your guitar does not sound right, have you checked if it’s properly tuned? Let us guess, are youContinue reading “How To Tune A Guitar – Ultimate Guide”

Drum Roll Please? No Need To Ask Twice Once Drum Ninja’s In The House!

By Faye-Chantelle Mondesir Finding one’s self isn’t exactly an easy feat in a world complete with diverse personalities, a fair share of life prospects, topped up with sometimes unavoidable perplexities. Young, zealous and extremely high-spirited Caleb McDowell somehow at the ripe age of sweet sixteen discovered ‘PURPOSE‘! With this being by far one of life’sContinue reading “Drum Roll Please? No Need To Ask Twice Once Drum Ninja’s In The House!”

Empress Ithiopia Graces The Stage!

  By Faye-Chantelle Mondesir (Empress Faye) Empress Ithiopia, after years of performing in the capacity of a back up singer, has branched off, evolving as a lead female artiste, to gracefully entertain the world at large. She currently represents musically as ‘Empress Ithiopia,’ alongside the renown Ras Africa, expressing the African part of her interesting,Continue reading “Empress Ithiopia Graces The Stage!”