Faye-Chantelle Mondesir


Faye-Chantelle Mondesir – Editor in Chief

Voice, Activist, Entrepreneur, Author/ Writer, Artiste Support, Web & Graphic Designer, Video Producer, Wombman!

Born on the quaint, exotic tropical island of St. Lucia, nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean over three decades ago, was an exquisite multi-faceted female whose life journey was destined to impact those who would become most fond of her many skills, talents, but beyond all this, her warm, yet vibrantly radiant personality.

Those who would grow to favour her charming character would relate, telling colourful tales of appreciation with genuine smiles beaming from their faces, of how she had blossomed over the years to appreciate laughter, love and become passionate about many things. As time evolved, she radiated charismatic, intelligence, wisdom, charm, caring, thoughtfulness and helpful and was valued as an exceptional observer, good listener and great friend.

Her name? Faye-Chantelle Mondesir. A visionaire from birth, one who would not only evolve from mere human existence and grow to recognise, accept and embrace her own divinity, but also help others get in tune with their own. “We are spiritual beings enjoying a beautiful human experience,” is her perception on life.

The unique title she was given upon her earthly birthing, what does it represent? ‘Faye’ is derived from the Middle English word ‘faie’ meaning “fairy”, or possibly from the Old French word meaning loyalty, belief, confidence and trust. The name ‘Chantelle’ also springs forth from French origin. In French, it means singer, to sing, or song. Of course there is so much more to Faye-Chantelle than this; so much depth to this ‘uniquely beautiful soul’ which those closest to her brand her as.

Growing up an only child on her mother’s side, she would blossom into a beautiful, intelligent, smart, creative and spiritual young woman whose wisdom far surpassed her years. Being privileged to be an only child on the maternal side, her family did not leave her void of the blessings and enjoyment of paternal siblings; three of each gender to be exact! Of these, she was blessed to be the first of seven wonderfully talented and beautiful offspring of her father.

Magazine Founder/ Publisher in Chief/ Journalist. Visit her website

Upon moving on from the St. Joseph’s Convent being the second all-female school she attended as a girl, she continued on to the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College to embark upon a career in the field of Hospitality Studies. After a short tenure of employment locally, she then migrated to the UK to further her studies, this time pursuing Business, Management and Accounting in London.

Returning to St.Lucia after many years, she enjoyed a successful career in the Tourism sector, until she began feeling the need for change career-wise. Here began her career within the media, as a Journalist (Reporter/ Writer) at the STAR Publishing in Saint Lucia and just before the end of her tenure, editor of 2Nite Magazine.

Employed with Print Media, she also embraced other key roles such as Digital Manager of the STAR website and related Social Media, also random graphic work, which vastly broadened her expertise in the field of Mass Communications and Journalism. She then moved into radio, co-hosting a weekly programme at Radio Free Iyanola (RFI), then onto manage Kairi FM Radio and graphic TV. She now runs her own media business, Meditationz Media Network (MMN).

A born entrepreneur, though having been gainfully employed and amassing relevant experience across the board for the better part of 16 years in between her traveling stints, her passion to operate her own business was never dormant.

With this growing desire and persistently unquenchable flame burning within, she finally ventured onto her own pursuits in April of 2018, fully immersing herself in developing her own products and brands.

Herein lay the culmination of the development of her projects and the long-awaited finalisation and expansion of her business venture.

“I can truly say I am happy now. Right now, I feel like I am in the process of really achieving my goals, utilising all the creative energies which have been endowed upon me, while simultaneously using all the skills and talents I was born with. It feels great; I feel good! Only now do I feel I am truly living, because to live and labour without pursing those things you love most, though employed, is not living at all!” This was her declaration at the dawn of 2018.

What the rest of the year and beyond has in store for this young, ambitious woman, time alone will reveal! One thing’s for certain though, she will surely be doing some wonderful things, effecting those around her every step of the way!

Her advice to everyone, “Do everything with passion, love and commitment and do what you love the most. Foster and invest in the things which you are passionate about. Always be grateful in everything and in every circumstance, never stop smiling and ALWAYS make yourself happy. Never depend on others for your happiness and peace, you are both the author and creator of your life. Daily develop self and constantly do introspection to become the highest version of yourself and a spiritual, intellectual and overall well-rounder who is holistically balanced.

Look for humour in all things, laugh as often as you can, embrace life and live IN THE MOMENT. Never overthink or worry; always give and do your best, be forever grateful for everything in your life; the good makes you even more brilliant and the not so good things grow you. Always give love; love SOURCE ABOVE ALL ELSE, love self, love your offspring, your spouse, family and friends and all people and things in the universe… Oh, and ALWAYS have fun!!!” (chuckling).


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