Birth of a dream

By Roland E. Williams You stand before me, perfectly calm Your eyes interlocked with mine The gentlest smile embraces your lips As I sit in awesome adoration Your body completes my happiness After hearing your beatific voice And witnessing your suave elegance Followed by the touch of your skin As breathless an appearance you areContinue reading “Birth of a dream”

A Story That Never Ends

By Roland E. Williams The shyness of your laughter The tenderness of your words The contents of your heart The fullness of your voice The freshness of your thoughts The sincerity of your advice The eternity of your friendship The boundlessness of your truth The completeness of your honesty The whisper of your friendliness TheContinue reading “A Story That Never Ends”

Drum Roll Please? No Need To Ask Twice Once Drum Ninja’s In The House!

By Faye-Chantelle Mondesir Finding one’s self isn’t exactly an easy feat in a world complete with diverse personalities, a fair share of life prospects, topped up with sometimes unavoidable perplexities. Young, zealous and extremely high-spirited Caleb McDowell somehow at the ripe age of sweet sixteen discovered ‘PURPOSE‘! With this being by far one of life’sContinue reading “Drum Roll Please? No Need To Ask Twice Once Drum Ninja’s In The House!”

It’s Truly No Surprise Alex Klein’s Stage Name is SAWLTY!

By Faye-Chantelle Mondesir From the historically rich community of Vieux Fort, located on the most southern tip of Saint Lucia and named after a fort which once overlooked Saint Vincent — sprung talented Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist and Drummer Alex Klein. ‘SAWLTY’ is the name you will hear Alex being called and this is no surpriseContinue reading “It’s Truly No Surprise Alex Klein’s Stage Name is SAWLTY!”

Weekend Equation Solved

By Roland E. Williams You did You solved your weekend equations As you dressed to kill Readied to party Geared up for inebriation And now, too, you’ve solved all Yet there’s one unsolved The one you’ll find in due time When it is inevitable And while you were busy Solving all that And feeling merryContinue reading “Weekend Equation Solved”

There Was Joan of Ark and Then There’s ‘Joan Johnson’!

By Faye-Chantelle Mondesir Meet the ‘Legendary’Joan Laurencin-Johnson — an iconic role model for several young, aspiring females sharing her creative interests. Prominently positioned among some of the most attractive St. Lucian women, it is no surprise why Joan’s tenure within the local fashion world was an extensive one. Her entrance into her first beauty pageantContinue reading “There Was Joan of Ark and Then There’s ‘Joan Johnson’!”