Birth of a dream

By Roland E. Williams You stand before me, perfectly calm Your eyes interlocked with mine The gentlest smile embraces your lips As I sit in awesome adoration Your body completes my happiness After hearing your beatific voice And witnessing your suave elegance Followed by the touch of your skin As breathless an appearance you areContinue reading “Birth of a dream”


By Roland E. Williams The signs were always there to see But it was just not time for that But when, indeed, the time had come The blindfolds vanished one by one The directions we were then shown Were seemingly different ones Just like many roads lead to Rome Both of our roads lead toContinue reading “Directions”

What have I done

By Roland E. Williams My heart can bear no more It is a dying heart It is falling apart Cell for microscopic cell Hurt for lasting hurt Pain for unbearable pain Tear for heartfelt tear What have I done How can I forget this How can I forgive this When have you last seen theirContinue reading “What have I done”

A Story That Never Ends

By Roland E. Williams The shyness of your laughter The tenderness of your words The contents of your heart The fullness of your voice The freshness of your thoughts The sincerity of your advice The eternity of your friendship The boundlessness of your truth The completeness of your honesty The whisper of your friendliness TheContinue reading “A Story That Never Ends”