The Mellow music of Michael Arkk

Whether purchasing or downloading a Michael Arkk song you will soon discover the joys of listening to a talented artiste with a beautiful, mellow voice and uniquely inspired lyrics. Music like this is a genuine product of the colourful, challenging and interesting lifestyle of a man who has walked many paths yet remained true to himself. Born ‘Michael Wright’ in the little village of ‘Reachies’, Clarendon, Jamaica during the late fifties, son of a Pentecostal preacher, Michael spent an unsettled yet enjoyable childhood residing in different areas of Jamaica. His roving lifestyle was exciting, however lack of social structure challenged his education and friendships. This in turn has heightened his sensitivity, thus mightily empowering his lyrics. Michael feels that his musical story originated in Manchester, Jamaica, at the age of eighteen where he happened to be singing and playing the piano in the house they had recently relocated to. When he glanced up, Michael realised to his surprise, that a crowd had gathered outside the window!

The rich Pentecostal environment proved a spiritual and musical inspiration. Naturally Michael commenced as a Gospel singer, launching his musical career in 1983, touring Jamaica with his first band ‘The Mystic Circle’, who started out singing the American R&B and Country & Western style gospel. This was said to be the first family boy band in Jamaica to have acquired such excellent National recognition. With time, Michael’s love of ‘Jamma’ songs and admiration for Bob Marley, Toots and the Maytalls and others was so powerful that the group’s musical direction focused on ‘Gospel Reggae’. The group has worked with many of the top Jamaican gospel artists… (Sonic Salvation, Grace Thrillers, Melodious Explorers, Sin Fighters, Attributes of Grace, to name a few.!!)

Michael Arrk – His timeless, soulful music tells the stories of so much more than ordinary modern-day music.

‘The Mystic Circle’ was invited to England in 1987 and was generally very well received, however their ‘Gospel Reggae’ style was occasionally perceived as controversial! They were the first official Reggae gospel band to leave Jamaica. The group then reformed as ‘The Channels of Praise,’ consisting of 4 Inspirational singers, who were well received across the UK. The band recorded the album entitled The Midnight Cry in 1987 produced by Big Feet Studio. When the band members parted ways professionally, Michael took the decision to become a solo artist and has adapted his style to his own specific taste, based on a wider selection of influential artists including Elvis Presley, Sam Cooke and Gladys Knight. Mahalia Jackson and many others.

The inspiring veteran artiste has continued to perform both in Jamaica and the UK, delighting audiences with his unique presentation of both music and poetry. Michael has branched away from Gospel Music and focuses on quality secular songs that pertain to love and life. His music is constantly evolving and he has released two solo albums to date namely Easier Said produced By Tony White of Whitelight Music and Michael Arkk in 2005 featuring the track Apologize.  Easier Said is a Reggae album that tells of some of Michael’s life experiences. His epic album Way Out was produced in 2003. It is a special compilation with a very definitive Gospel feel.The album was released in the Spring of 2014. EP Never Give Up has been promoted in dance halls and clubs globally. It’s title track Never Give Up is a plea to all not to give up on life. It suggests that one more step forward and the bright light could begin to light your path.

Producers on the album: Mozez, Delroy Pinnock, Junior Pro, Michael Arkk. Tony White, Tom Quick.

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